Management Consulting

At Yolk Agency we are passionate about helping organisations realise their potential. We have built our management consulting service around this principle and we offer a fully integrated management and strategic consultancy service that provides effective solutions for all organisations from SME’s to corporate and government institutions.

Strategic Business Planning

Our Strategic Business Planning processes helps your organisation define the direction of your business. Using our management consulting methodology we will prioritise the core components your business and create new business initiatives to deliver measured business performance for the operations and the future goals of the company.

Yolk Agency will develop strategies for businesses to be able to make investments that will help to transform, sustain and build their business. These investments must be managed well so they deliver significant value. When they are managed poorly they can lead to a serious waste of resources. Even when an investment achieves its targeted returns there are usually opportunities to improve efficiency. Scoping and managing these projects end to end will allow business owners to understand the investment lifecycle and to maximise their returns.

We also have a holistic approach to export market entry planning and development with over 13 years experience in export development strategies.

Sales Consulting

High performing sales teams are integral to the success of an organisation no matter what industry you find yourself in. Our sales consulting process involves reviewing the competency of your sales team and structure, your current sales processes and also the technology to support these processes. We aim to improve your company’s sales performance and reduce the cost of acquisition by turning your sales team into powerful consultative and solution based sellers.

We can also assist you in designing and developing your own company sales playbooks which include training manuals and in-house sales assessments to ensure that the new knowledge transfer is retained.

Operational and organisational change management

Operational excellence has become increasingly important due to the demand for higher productivity from limited resources. Our operational and organisational change management process involves working with your business to develop targeted operational KPI’s to ensure that the process, structure, people, and business functions deliver the maximum productivity and efficiencies to realise the strategic objectives within an established operational baseline.

Our approach to management consulting

  1. Discuss pain points – what are current business issues and objectives
  2. Conduct a business evaluation – We review your operations, supplier procurement, sales, Human Resources and culture, R&D processes, quality assurance, fiscal understanding and control and business KPI’s and ROI.
  3. Provide an executive summary- this includes deep market research to identify gaps to mitigate market exposure and risks to provide factual information and data to management so they can make informed decisions
  4. Create project scopes for implementation – to assist with successful implementation we will assist management in determining what projects are required by a business unit to achieve efficient delivery, reduce costs and hold staff accountable to measured sustainable KPI’s.
  5. Implementation process
  6. Measure success – once the project has been successfully implemented we measure the performance of the consult and look to work with you to develop continuous improvement strategies.

Our clients have enjoyed on average 15-20% growth in their business whilst taking 7-9% out of their cost of goods, reduced staff turnover, maximisation of R+D investment and greater financial control

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