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Are you a scary boss?

Posted on October 30, 2014

How do you know if you are a scary boss?
Here’s a simple example – Your staff leave the kitchen every time you make your morning coffee. It is a statistical fact that businesses that employ scary bosses will cause employees become disengaged, take more sick leave and even quit their jobs. Its true many employees don’t leave jobs they leave managers.
So, what makes someone a scary boss? Here are a few traits that will foster a negative perception of you from your employees.

Super stressed out scary boss
It can be very scary when a business has demands and the boss can’t handle the stress and begins barking orders and making everyone feel like they’re incapable.

The scary boss never makes a mistake
The scary boss never admits when he or she is wrong. They are full of excuses or are very good at blaming others for their mistake.

Scary boss has a closed mind and is always right
The scary boss thinks that there is only one way to get something done. Any other way is completely unacceptable.

The stalker scary boss
Another sign of a scary boss is when they call you several times during the work day, then proceed to call you often outside business hours.

The unpredictable scary boss
If people can’t anticipate how you will respond to a situation, they will naturally assume the worst.
This type of scary boss is one of the most feared.

The hoarder scary boss
Scary bosses who hoard and don’t share important information will frighten and frustrate their employees.

The scary boss who can’t trust
If the scary boss regularly display’s a mistrust of staff, employees won’t know where they stand. When the relationship is one of mistrust the organisation will become stale as employees can’t bring new ideas to the table because the scary boss often makes employees feel like there is a hidden secret agenda because you’re all out to get them.

The scary boss who has one finger on the trigger
If someone in the organisation gets fired every time the scary boss sees a poor result or has got bad news, people will feel unduly exposed to the elements.

Remember just being the boss is scary to many employees. Having the power to hire and fire can you a menacing figure. So are you a scary boss?

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