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A surprising turn of events

Posted on March 12, 2016

Last quarter we assisted a client in finding a terrific BDM candidate for a software company based in Melbourne’s CBD.

As a recruiter this is something we do every day, however the Yolk approach and process really surprised our client.

They were surprised as they have been used to transactional relationships with recruiters.

Even more so, they realised that before they began their relationship with Yolk Agency they had their resourcing strategy completely wrong, position descriptions not developed to measure performance effectively and so on.

Yolks approach was to first understand the reasons why the recruitment was required in the first place. We discussed the overall human resource plan for the business and wanted to understand how their organisational structure ensured operational success.

By doing this, we helped them to understand that the sales team structure was not going to drive enough activity and most of all proved that they were not going to hit vital revenue targets.

From here we reengineered the company sales structure in order to ensure predictable outcomes based on activities required by the sales and account management staff to drive required results.

All this as part of the recruitment role brief, because we as a consulting firm want to ensure that if we are going to run a recruitment campaign for a client we want to first ensure we understand what the right people actually look like so a business can meet and exceed its overall strategic and financial goals.

The result?

They have seen a 40% uplift in lead generation, 25% uplift in sales and if this activity continues will beat sales targets by 10-12%. Awesome result for our client and its staff.

Recruitment has changed and Yolk Agency is leading – all services are a low fixed fee with a 6 month guarantee.

If you really want to turn your business on, or you need to build structures in your business that ensure that your staff are set up for success, call us for a no obligation discussion. 

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