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Signature recruitment benchmark testing

If you haven’t already figured it out Yolk is not just another transactional recruitment company. Our Signature Benchmarking process provides you with inside information on how to successfully identify high performing individuals to ensure you hire the right candidate for the role. The assessment tests the sub-conscious mind so our tests do not lie and can’t be cheated.
Simply explained, if we could help you hire a clone of your best performer in a role how much would your company benefit?
Each assessment provides insight into:

  • Productivity
  • Communication skills
  • Goal setting and goal completion ability
  • Optimism
  • True personality success patterns

Why should you use our signature benchmarking?

Interviews can be misleading – some of the best candidates can be having a bad day and may interview poorly and some of the worst candidates might be great actors resulting in a miss hire.

The solution we recommend for clients to avoid this problem is for all potential candidates to undertake a benchmark test before an interview so they only interview candidates that meet the required role benchmark – saving you time, bias and miss hires.
The Signature Benchmarking process will provide you with character certainty when recruiting allowing you to identify who the best candidate actually is.

Why is recruitment benchmarking important?

By benchmarking employees you will save time and money in staff training and lost productivity.
You will also increase employee engagement and enablement as you will be hiring an individual who has the characteristics required to be highly productive in the role

People development

If we identify poor performance, low benchmarks or a need for improvement in some areas for existing employees that have been tested, we are able to recommend individually tailored solutions for low benchmarked employees to improve job performance.


The cost of our assessments are $190.00+GST and we have bulk pricing available.

Our “Signature Benchmarking” tests are easily accessible as they are accessed and completed remotely over the internet.

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